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Old pictures from Insert MU (2010)

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Since new forum doenst have off-topic section, can anyone tell me where to post new topic about pic/vid? :D

Okey, today I got some pics from my very old PC (it's grandpa or grand's grandpa of currently PC :D) and wanna share for all of you.

Ps: sorry for small resolution bcoz I cant set high res with 256MB ram :mad: and I splitted to many parts bcoz max pics allowed for 1 post is 4 only.

Here we go...

Gays everywhere xD




Devias 4 for PK-ing

Market mode

Illegal items xD (but not mine)

Castle Siege (but didnt work for many times hahaha)

Gangbang that elf, huh? =D

Some ppl I can still remember via those pics:
Game Master:SwaT (DaRkSouL), S3eS (Luc13eR), RIPCURL (TheReason), Creedo (Seraphine), L4rks (Itzel/Light), PIKABOO (NewHorizon)..

Other: ZKenpanchi, aMbigRaM, JaggerJack, BornToKill, VirusBK, MiKaeLa100, LAWRENCE, DECO, Ayaxx, Gladiador, mehr01, Zaidet, Guser, cMex...
It's a stupid idea when I wanna write down all of famous-characters of that time >"< I cant remember all and so sorry if your name isnt in my list.

Thanks for watching.

Nice memories bro... i forgot were i hide my ss last season.. haha


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