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December 01, 2017, 11:19:47 AM

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Hi everyone!
I just want to clear my name because of the stupidity of others. In this case I was reported that I was cheated or scammed MexMen. Here's our conversation while GM Toby has an on going Hide & Seek event in Lost Tower 7.

Our scenario was just like this...

When GM Toby is having event then I found him already and there was MexMen also behind us. GM Toby said that the credits I won will be credited later after a few minutes and he leaved in that map. MexMen trade me and put his set and 2 swords and just clicked the accept button or trade button right away. When I saw it I just clicked also the trade button right away and then he post in game that I scammed him already.

First of all, We dont have any deal or I didn't say YES on his offers because at the first place I was busy finding GM Toby so I don't want to reply on any post or PM to me.
Second, is it's not my fault when he clicked the trade button right away and I just clicked it also right away.
Third, he was very assuming or expecting that I deal with him to his offers but as you will see in our chat log below I didnt say YES on him.

Just analyze to those who will read this post. Actually I gave back already the items to GM Toby. It was sad because technically its my items already not to MexMen because of his stupidity and misunderstanding mind.

I will show you guys the full chat log that we have.














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December 01, 2017, 11:44:07 AM
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First of all, there's no point in posting this. The issue has been resolved. Second, i see in your 2nd screenshot that he was giving you his set and swords for an elf set so obviously, there's a misunderstanding on his side. Mexmen doesn't speak straight English. You should have explained it to him in a manner that he will understand. Third is honesty. You knew he was trading it to you in exchange for something yet you still clicked OK. You should have given the items back when he asked for it before he complained here. And lastly, be smart! We all want our repu-tation clean. If it looks like a bad deal, cancel it and walk away. You should learn from this mistake.

December 01, 2017, 05:40:41 PM
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You make everything goes wrong again why?

1st When the time you give back the item to me
You say you will send me your Screenshot via PM
And I say "don't do it because it will not help"
But you don't listen to me instead you uploaded
And post your screenshot the will never help you.

2nd you want Jessus Thread delete it. Yes we delete
it with NO one can see it, but you make it worst
Because you post this thread again. Now ? What will
Gonna happen to you? Beside both of you has a
Mistake of this trade. Now your complaining with nothing.

You should learn from your mistake " Don't make any advantage
To others" you should considerate MexMen because of his
Poor English and because he is newbie from the game.

~Thread Close

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