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October 23, 2017, 12:11:45 PM

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1. Trading or dropping items is not allowed.
2. Everyone is encouraged to join. However, players who own more than 1 ancient set (from X shop) and/or who are already with more than 2 level 1999 characters (main and associated accounts) CANNOT win the big prizes. They will be able to win credits only.
3. Automatic disqualification if caught trading or buying the required item.
4. Only 1 entry per player.
5. Give way to players doing resets. Offer a party if you will be hogging the spot.


1. Use any of your registered accounts to join. Main account is preferable.
2. Collect 1440 pieces or 2 full vaults (main + expanded) of LARGE complex potions (bundles of 3).
3. Post a reply on this thread with character name, vault numbers and screenshots of the vaults containing Large Complex Potions.
4. Upon completion, your account will be checked for confirmation.

MU Helper set-up for this event!

1. Select the gear icon in the top left corner to open MU Helper.

2. UNCHECK "Potion". Check "Original Position" and set "Distance" to 2 sec. Choose "Basic Skill" and buffs. Check "Buff Duration"

3. Go to the "Obtaining" tab. Check "Repair item", "Pick Selected Items". In the white box write Large and click the "Add" button.

4. Click "Save setting" to save the current set-up of MU Helper.

5. Press the "Play" button, next to the gear icon in top left corner to start MU Helper (only for level 80+).

How to get expanded vault

1. Buy vault expansion from the barmaid:

2. Right click the item once it's in your inventory. A prompt will come out press ok and switch characters. You will see the "Expanded" light come up. Click it.

3. You have 6 vaults using command /vault 0 - 5.

- If you want to know how to post a screenshot on the forum, please read this guide:


* 1st - Any ancient set of choice + level 1999 + 2 weapons of choice
* 2nd - BloodAngel set of choice + level 1999 + 3rd wings of choice
* 3rd - FOFS set of choice (except BA) + level 1999 + 3 pieces 7HP accessories


20k credits for the next 10 participants.

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